Noura Benrahou

Unlike the other leading dental consulting companies, we have a vast amount of experience, not only in the business side, but in the clinical side as well. Being a Registered Dental Hygienist by trade has allowed Noura to have both a business and clinical approach on what it really takes to be successful within the business of dentistry.

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About Me

The story and experience of Noura Benrahou

my Mission

Our consulting and coaching program was put to the test in practice during Nouras time in the chair. Before she took on coaching and consulting, Noura developed her own structure and method of treating patients that translated to the entire practice and was a driver for growth. Not only was this structure lucrative and productive, but patients loved it because they felt like they were receiving true quality care and attention from both the dentist and hygienist.

Imagine a practice where you didn’t have to see hundreds of patients a week to make ends meet. Our mantra is “quality of care over quantity of care”.

my Mission

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The companies below proudly support NuDental and serve as advocate referrals for us. We are honored to have their support.


Thriving to help dental practices grow

We strive to provide dentists and hygienists nationwide with a proven foundation that will not only build a result driven hygiene department, but decrease provider burn out and improve patient quality care.

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Watch this detailed testimonial from one of our clients

Client satisfaction is what we strive for at NuDental Consulting, and our testimonials are a great way to see first-hand how we stay committed to this goal within each practice.