Hygiene Analysis

It’s a common misconception for the Hygiene Department to be seen as a separate entity from the rest of the team in many dental practices. However, it is important to recognize that the Hygiene Department is actually the lifeblood of any practice. Establishing patient trust often begins in the hygiene department, and the team needs to work together and understand this. Optimizing the dental hygiene department has been shown to be a significant factor in dental practice success, improving the patient experience and driving production.

Dental hygienists need to practice habits that promote growth and success. However, it’s not uncommon for hygienists to approach patients on their schedule without any awareness of their oral health goals or targets. A lack of goal setting, systems, and training leaves dental hygienists without direction and with no expectation to do things differently.

 Every patient should be approached as a unique individual who trusts the dental team to keep them in the best oral health possible. If a hygienist is genuinely engaged in what it means to work with patients proactively and do everything possible to keep them in optimal health, they will be more productive. It is certain that providing patients with the very best care results in profitability for the practice. They go hand in hand.

Establishing goals is an essential component in achieving success in any field, including dental hygiene. By setting achievable goals, implementing effective systems, and specialized training, NuDental Consulting can help you and your hygiene team bridge the gap between where you stand today and future goals. Unfortunately, the dental industry lacks proper protocols for periodontal diagnosis and care, and supervised neglect is all too common. Additionally, hygienists often fail to prioritize adjunctive services that benefit patients' overall health. The primary focus should always be on treating each patient as an individual and addressing their specific needs while providing an exceptional experience.

Important targets to know and measure:

· The hygiene department contributes 25%-35%(or more) to total practice production

· 50%+ restorative work is discovered duringhygiene patient visits

· Monthly Hygiene Production: $30,000+ (perHygienist)

· Average Hygiene Production Per Visit: $225

· Hygiene Same-Day Production: 30%

· Hygiene Perio Diagnosis Rate: 40%

· Hygiene Case Acceptance: 85%

· Fluoride: 80%

· Sealants: 10%

· Reappointment Rate: 99%

NuDental Consulting can help establish a strong foundation, protocols, and systems for your practice and develop a result-oriented hygiene department emphasizing exceptional patient care. Our personalized coaching techniques and proven program can help maximize practice success. Our expert hygiene consulting services help hygienists and dentists become more confident and energized in their ability to diagnose and communicate treatment needs to their patients, resulting in an 85% or greater case acceptance rate.

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