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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for services with NuDental?

Our costs are created on a case by case bases based upon the number of employees, providers, and practices you have. Typically there is a straight fee for a year or 4 months worth of services and we see clients pay on a monthly recurring bases. We also offer a verity of different payment arrangements. Our goal is to help you grow, so regardless of cost, the value of what you will be recieving is an investment for years to come.

How long does it takes to see business results?

Typically we see a 30% increase in production within the first month of working with us, however after 3 months of thorough coaching is when we start seeing a significant increase in both profitability and productivity.

How do you track our monthly metrics?

We rely on a data analytics software called Dental Intelligence. If you don't already have it sinked with your PMS we would download it for you on the date of starting services and help you get set up. Dental Intel is how we're able to track your practices productivity and profitabilty. We need to keep up with this data for accountability purposes and successful coaching as we continue to help you scale.

What happens if we don't see any results?

Thats an easy answer. You will always see results no matter what. I've never seen anything other than improvements when working with practices. However, if it comes a case that we aren't seeing the type of results we expect, than we would simply re-evalute your teams willinless to help the practice grow. In my experience I've found that the lack of growth a practice is showing falls heavily on the culture. And for that we would fix immediately.