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Q&A With a Real NuDental Consulting Client

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Client satisfaction means everything to NuDental.Our goal is to inspire the client and their entire dental team to want to achieve greatness by increasing productivity and improving patient quality care. Hear from a real client of ours in a question and answer with Dr. Natalie Samaan. DMD, who owns a practice in With Royal Oak Michigan. Dr. Samaan is a great business owner and leader and her passion for dentistry and growth really shows. Watching her grow with Nudental Consulting has been a joy.

Q:  What challenges have you seen in your office and how have I helped you?

A:  The biggest challenge has been figuring out a way to educate patients on periodontal disease properly to gain more patient acceptance. Noura had an amazing approach to discuss the disease process in a way that created urgency and helped so much with patient acceptance.

Q:  How did my hygiene protocol help your office?

A:  Protocol helped organize patients into different categories of healthy, gingivitis, perio with education materials that could help explain which category of gum health the patient was in.

Q:  Have you seen your numbers increased after I help you?

A:  My hygienist's results had drastically changed after Noura came to our office. The entire office benefited by getting the full education on why hygiene is so important and DAs and front staff were able to better help the patients understand as well. Created urgency and educational materials that I would recommend for any and all staff, not just the hygienist.

Q:  What is the future you see with me and for your office?

A:  I just hired a second hygienist and I can not wait to bring Noura back to repeat her lecture and training sessions. She also has zoom calls with updates with my hygienist to continue helping her.

Q:  Is there anything else you want other people to know before joining?

A:  I’m actually part of a dental corporation. We have plenty of hygiene leaders who are supposed to train my staff. But after speaking with Noura and hearing her success I knew that we didn't have anything like that in my company. She’s hands-on and will make sure that you feel supported during her visit and even after. I highly recommend her and honestly, it would be hurting your business not to hire her!

Noura Benrahou

Founder & CEO
Nudental Consulting

Experienced Registered Dental Hygienist by trade with a demonstrated history of working dental service industry. I’ve coached hundreds of dental providers and practices across the country including helping start and manage several start up dental practices. I have produced over $600k a year consecutively to achieve record-breaking numbers as one of the most productive hygienists in the country (based on Dental Intel's data among all their users). We shouldn’t have ever Compromise patient quality care to increase production. My passion lies in inspiring and teaching others to achieve greatness. When I’m not working I enjoy playing with my dog and reading a good book.