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Treatment Presentation & Verbiage for a Thriving Hygiene Department

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It’s not so much about the costs or appearance of your dental practice that gets that “yes” treatment acceptance from patients, It’s the way you deliver the message. Case acceptance is a critical component to the success of your practice because it really demonstrates a dentist's and hygienist's ability to connect with their patients. In my time of coaching, I’ve found that providers tend to struggle a lot more when it comes to explaining hygiene treatment to patients. They tend to get confused as to why patients are either not accepting treatment or just plain de-minding the urgency behind said treatment.

As we all know, a structure and treatment protocol is of course a critical component to the foundation of your growing hygiene department, but verbiage is the driver to treatment acceptance. Below are some examples of exactly what to say when communicating with your patients as well as your other team members. This verbiage is also important for the front desk and treatment coordinators to understand as well. During my on-site coaching visits, I spend a lot of time coaching your front desk and management team to also speak like us so the treatment explained in the back of the office doesn’t get lost in translation to the front of the office. This is the same verbiage I’ve used to talk to my patients and team members, as well as teach all the offices I work with. The goal is to create positive results with patient acceptance to treatment and make it easy for them to understand what it is we are actually doing. Remember, it’s not just the words that matter, but how we are conveying them. Our goal is not to be salespeople, but if we are explaining to patients what they need and educating our patients, the treatment or product will sell itself.

Periodontal Therapy:

  • “Is a procedure intended to treat periodontal disease. Some people call it a deep cleaning, but deep cleaning is a really broad term and it doesn’t really explain what I’m actually doing.”
  • “Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory disease so its super important to do this procedure in order to stop the infection from further spreading and potentially causing tooth loss.
  • “Periodontal disease is also considered an oral-systemic disease, so basically the bacteria that are associated with periodontal disease is linked with other systemic illnesses like heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, pre-mature births, and much more.
  • “These periodontal bacteria’s or microorganisms are very harmful and can affect the entire body, not just your mouth.”

Gingivitis Therapy:

  • “A procedure intended to treat gingivitis disease. Some people call it a deep-cleaning, but deep cleaning is a really broad term and it doesn’t really explain what I’m actually doing. Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums due to bacteria that’s built up under the gums over time.”
  • “It's important that we treat this infection as soon as possible to reverse. If left untreated gingivitis disease will get worse and the disease can turn into periodontal disease.”

Periodontal & Gingivitis Therapy Combined:

  • “Are anon-surgical treatments of periodontal/gum disease. The purpose of the treatment is to remove bacterial plaque and tartar from around teeth and under the gum line, which causes bone/gum loss.”
  • “The goal is to produce healthy teeth/gums and roots, which will promote healing of the inflammation and infection that causes gum disease.”

To find out more on verbiage and case acceptance scripts regarding other preventive and restorative treatment please enroll in our program or contact us to find out more about our coaching services. Remember it’s not the words we say, but the way convey them.

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